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Monroe County Fair Supports Local Artists:

Western NY, and Monroe County in particular, has produced an endless list of major players in pop, rock, jazz, country and classical music. This area boasts an abundance of talented singers, songwriters and musicians. Unfortunately, given the state of the music industry today, it is a huge challenge for these singers and players to ever get heard, let alone realize their dreams. Many of these performers are young, some are family groups, some play for fun, others really hope to make it big. 

One of the best ways for these future stars to get “stage time” is by playing Open Mic nights—which are usually held in bars or clubs—where younger players can’t attend. They are not “family friendly.”

One of the objectives with the Monroe County Fair is to promote and help expose local talent. This year, the fair has scheduled an Open Mic Night for Thursday, August 4th, and made it FREE for all to attend and play (as time allows). It will be hosted by the Fair’s Friday night headliner, Richard Gilewitz, who is a well-known fingerstyle guitarist, humorist and author. (Richard will also be hosting clinics for ukulele and guitar on friday afternoon).

Anyone who would like to perform, just needs to show up at the fair with their instrument and check in at the sound booth. An effort will be made to accommodate as many performers as possible, and you may even win a nice prize! NOTE: A limited number of slots are available—performers will be picked on a first come basis.

Bring your friends, there will be no admission on Thursday. Plenty of great food and drink available on the fairgrounds as well rides and other events. More information at MCFair.com.

Note: This is a family friendly event, so no profanity or political statements of any kind will be tolerated.


Anchor Bands/performers:

As the number of participants is uncertain, the following artists have volunteered to perform in between the Open Mic acts.

4:30: Sebastian Brundage

6:30 Pat Yeomans

7:30 Brian McCormick

This is NOT a karaoke competition

The fair’s OPEN MIC night is to give up and coming singers, songwriters, and other performers (Soloists and duets only) a chance to perform on stage in front of alive audience. The amount of time allotted to each performer will be driven by the turn-out.

If you would like to participate.

  1. When you get to the fairgrounds, come to the sound booth in front of the stage and register
  2. We’ll just need to know Who you are — We need your full name.
  3. Name of your act — (If you have one)

As sound system will be provided, a backline will not be provided. In order to keep changeover time to a minimum, only hand percussion (no drum kits) will be allowed.